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The name is Princess Alyssa Julie Liberty. AJ if you prefer.

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Frank & Alyssa|| The Right Steps to an Epic Song

Alyssa rolled out of bed with a determined smile on her face. When she noticed the time she ran around the room in a frantic rush. She promised to meet Frank in one of the green fields beyond the castle’s  high protective walls and she was late. 

She hopped about as she slid the pants on one leg then the other using the Force to keep her balance. She threw on her brother’s tunic she borrowed and snapped her light-saber to the utility belt. Alyssa slipped each foot into a boot before darting into the hallway.

She greeted a few other members of the court with a “good morning” and a quick bow. They seemed to watch half in amusement and half in horror at her public display of panicked excitement. Alyssa gave a quick salute as she tore past a few guards who exchanged looks over their morning coffee.

Her heart was racing with delighted anticipation. Across the field she could see her brother’s figure standing tall and proud like an ancient Roman statue with his sandy brown hair fluttering to and fro now and then in the wind. Alyssa called to him as she came skidding to a halt ” good morning! Sorry I am late Master.” She gave a quick bow to her brother.

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    After taking a small fall over some rocks she got up again with a determined smile. “Brother dearest … to dance in step...
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    Frank used the Force to jump high into the air; his sillouhette plastered the ground where Alyssa was standing. As...